Why do we need scalp exfoliation?


If you crave good hair, then you must exfoliate your scalp once in a while to achieve consistent beautiful hair, this is because your hair deserves to always look beautiful. A healthy scalp boots hair growth and shine.

What is scalp exfoliation?

Scalp exfoliation has more to do with the removal of excess skin cells, oil, and dandruff using chemical products, and physical exfoliants in the market.

Why is it important?

Scalp exfoliation is important for your scalp health because it helps reduce the spread of dandruff and other hair problems. It also creates space for fresh skin and helps hair follicles to grow healthily. Though the hair is made off dead skins, they still rely on your scalp which is as alive as the rest of the skin covering your body to grow and shine. Create a weekly or monthly schedule that should allow you to exfoliate your scalp to make sure you continue having shiny beautiful hair.

Physical Exfoliants

Physical exfoliation is a way of naturally removing dead skins and dirt from the scalp using grainy particles which are rubbed into the scalp to dislodge dirt, dead cells, debris, or grimes you may not easily wash off with soap. Because the scalp like the rest of your body can accumulate dirt, debris, and grimes. Physical exfoliation helps dislodge them from the scalp.

Enzymatic Exfoliation

This is a much slower or gentler means of exfoliating dead cells, which is achieved by breaking glues holding dulling, dead skin cells together to create space for fresh skin, Unlike the AHA chemical exfoliants which speed up the shedding of dead cells. This is mostly used by professionals for scalp treatments as it speeds up the natural exfoliation of the skin.

The difference between enzymatic exfoliation and chemical exfoliation has to do with the fact that it targets and removes dead cells on your scalp and helps facilitate the easy penetration of cosmetics products into the roots of your hair. Chemical exfoliation speeds up the process of peeling off dead skin cells from the surface of your scalp when applied.


Can chemicals help exfoliate your scalp? Sure! There are chemical products in the market that can be gently massaged into your scalp or spread through using brittle combs which should help impregnate the product deep into your hair root to remove the excess skin cells or dead cells. If you don’t feel comfortable handling the process yourself, it’s okay to hire a professional with a keen knowledge of hair care and get them to exfoliate your scalp using the most recommended chemical products in the market.

However, you may not necessarily do this every day. You may exfoliate your hair once or twice per month only because continuous exfoliation may drastically reduce oil from your hair which in turn may cause it to dry out, which can cause the scalp to trigger an excess release of oil to repair your hair when this happens it may make your hair too tacky, hence it would easily attract airborne pollutants like soot, dust, and grime.


The likes of Salicylic Acid prove effective in exfoliating excess dead skins from your scalp. The same role it plays on your skin it can also do likewise on your scalp when properly used. Salicylic Acid will help balance the level of oil production, which will also reduce the chances of producing too many skin cells that may promote the presence of dandruff in your hair.

How to deeply exfoliate your scalp:

Scalp exfoliation is best done after using a shampoo. You need your hair a little damp but not thoroughly wet. You may then comb your hair and separate sections of it to allow you to apply the scrub using your fingertips. If you fancy physical exfoliants, then rubbing them in a circular motion gently on your scalp will help you achieve good results. Rinse off after a few minutes and pat your hair with a towel or tie it, and allow your hair to dry slowly.