My deepest memory linked to my hair is that sense of community, family and the understanding that it creates.

our founder

Growing up, my hair as a young black lady was an integral part of my identity, and it was not even limited to me. My immediate and extended family as well as the community I lived in strongly believed in that too.

When I moved to the US, I was however shocked to see that in the general world, the Black women’s hair is still a controversial topic. This oftentimes has left me wondering what number of women are out there who are unable to wear their natural hair because of what society says about it.

But yet, for all of us Black women who are confident enough to let our heritage and identity shine through our hairstyle, and have enough understanding/expertise of what type of ingredients and products we should use; we are faced with another challenge:  Product Access & Shopping experience.

Challenges in an industry we are supposed to dominate but have been limited to merely participate in.

By combining my education in cosmetic science and over 20 years of experience working in the beauty industry globally, I want to bring together my mixed cultural and professional background, that continue to shape who I am today.

Every black/mixed race person has a hair story to tell. But not only that. This same hair holds a strong cord of our identity, portrays our true image, and also brings us together.

So that our identity can shine through our hairstyle, MY CURL ID has been created as a destination for inspiration, education, elevation and care.

A platform dedicated to supporting brands born out of our community and created by people who are experts in our hair, regardless of what style we choose to wear. As a community, we need to remember that our hair stories bring us together. No matter where we are found on the planet, hair & community will forever be tied to one another like a beautiful Two strand Twist.

Sandra Pitroipa, founder of MY CURL ID