Natural Curly Hair and Humidity: The Ultimate Battle


Temperature has a significant effect on curly hair. As the temperature increases, the humidity level in the air also increases, causing curly hair to be frizzy. It is a big challenge that is difficult to plan for. Humidity contains moisture, which creates proteins in our hair by forming hydrogen bonds that trigger curls and frizz.

Curly hair that is exposed to high humidity makes it unmanageable and messy. In simpler words, you can say the curls pop more when it is humid. Our hair strands are made up of multiple layers, and the protective layers are known as cuticles, which are shields for our curly hair. When curls are solid and healthy, the cuticle absorbs the necessary moisture the strand needs. When it takes the needed water, it then locks it in the strands.

Humidity cannot affect your curls if they are strong and healthy, as these are hydrated hair strands. However, if your rings are damaged (by heat, wrong products, or some other reason), the hair might not lock in enough moisture and this can cause dryness. So, when these damaged curls are exposed to humidity, they can gather a lot of water that causes hair to frizz.

The curly hair battle with humidity is a problem that should not be avoided. One should take steps to recover from this problem and prepare the hair cuticle to accept weather changes. Are you looking for a solution? Here are some tips that can help you achieve this goal.

Ways to Keep Curly Hair Away from Frizzing in Humidity

People often go to professionals to manage their curly hair. They might get expensive keratin treatments to repair the damage that was made and to help their hair respond well to humidity. However, it does not mean that these are the only expensive treatments that can make you avoid or remove frizziness. You are still able to take some steps to keep your hair frizz-free and prevent it in the future.

Following the tips below can prevent frizziness, even when the humidity level is high.

1  Avoid Products That Say “Extra Shine” or “High Gloss”

Our curls need a protective layer to stay healthy when the temperature rises or falls excessively. Some people use oils to keep the curls moisturized, while others use alternative products that promise to safeguard curls and keep them shiny. However, products that give an instant glow fade very quickly, and not only this, the chemicals of these products also lead to hair damage.

It is good to avoid using products that contain high sulfates and chemicals that give a quick glow and shine to the hair. Although the sheen may last a day or two, the damage might take months to recover. So, take the time to research the products you put in your hair ’instead of getting swept away by the manufacturer’s promises.

2. Use a Lotion Instead of a Cream

Lotions work a lot like a conditioner since these two products share similar formulas. Conditioners help to soften and lock in moisture in our hair. This is similar to how the lotion seals water in our bodies and softens the texture of our skin. Lotions contain a large amount of water that helps to improve moisture levels and control frizzy hair. If your curls are dry, then take a pinch of balm and apply it to your strands.

Lotion can be a great alternative to heavy creams at home. It can make your hair sleeker and more manageable when you are out of your favorite hair conditioner. Consider using lotion to moisturize your hair since creams might not coat all the hair strands due to their thick consistency. Adopting a healthy hair care routine means fighting the humidity as your hair has enough strength to cope with the climate changes.

3. Try Different Types of Curl Enhancers

Curly enhancers are used to lock moisture in your curls. The right enhancers will shape your curls according to their natural hair pattern. The curl enhancers are also helpful for making your hair frizz-free and shiny. There are many types of curl enhancers, such as creams, lotions, and conditioners that can be used. The aim of a curl enhancer is to supports your styling effort and hold the style for a long time. So, you are advised to try different curl enhancers if you feel that your current product does not deliver on its promises.

4. Air Dry Your Hair When You Can

The best way to keep your hair dry is by air drying it. You might resort to using a blow dryer since you will not always have enough time to let your hair dry naturally, but you should always keep in mind that, although it is beneficial, it emits heat. Constant use of a blow dryer can make your hair damaged. To keep your hair away from heat damage, consider drying your curls by air drying it. This way, you can limit heat exposure to your hair, and the hair cuticle can build a solid shield to fight against weather and harsh products.

Air drying might take more time to make your hair dry completely, but it can quickly save your hair from getting dehydrated and frizzy. You can also let your hair dry 80% of the way and then completely dry it with the blow dryer.

5. Use a Light Heat Protector

As you know, excessive heat can damage hair, so it is good to limit heat exposure. But if you have to use heat when styling your hair, you should take some protective measures to keep your hair strong and damage-free. Apply a light heat protector to the strand of your hair before using any hot tools. It will create a shield against heat, and the heat will not damage the cuticle. Instead, it will make your curls appear smooth, shiny, and frizz-free, even when it’s humid. Consider using a heat protector to enhance the effectiveness of styling.

6. Dry Your Hair Upside Down

Girls with curly hair often make mistakes while drying their hair. They start drying from the ends of the hair to the roots. This action can lead to dry and frizzy hair. The best way to dry hair (whether with a blow dryer or using a towel) is to start drying it from the roots and then gradually move down the shaft. Doing this increases the volume of your hair and makes your hair shiny for a long time. Plus, you do not need to wash it frequently. This method will help the cuticle lock in the moisture to keep hair strands strong, which helps fight humidity and curly hair.

7. Protect Your Hair from the Sun

The sun is a natural heat source that plays an essential role in our health and well-being. However, spending more time under the sun means your hair may be vulnerable to heat damage. The sun’s ultraviolet rays can be good for our hair strands, but it is more dangerous than beneficial.

The outermost layer of hair can be damaged due to prolonged sun exposure. It can result in frizzy, dry, brittle hair strands and a change in hair color. As you know, curly hair often needs more moisture because the oils from the scalp might not be able to travel down the ends of your hair. With sun exposure, the leftover water is evaporated, and the hair starts to look dead or dry.

Damaged hair cannot survive high levels of humidity, and it can lead to frizzy hair strands. So always cover your hair when stepping outside to lessen the amount of damage the sun may cause.


Natural Curly hair is a significant problem when the temperature rises. It can be due to multiple reasons, like using the wrong products or applying too many of them incorrectly; over washing, over-styling, excessive heat exposure, hair breakage, and many more.

To keep your curls frizz-free, one should be able to make some efforts to mitigate the issue. Such as applying lotions if the cuticles are dehydrated, using a heat protector, which should be light, saying goodbye to extra glossy products, covering hair to prevent sun exposure, and many other techniques mentioned in this blog.

Implement these methods in your hair care routine, and you will surely notice a difference. Eventually, your curls will be strong enough to combat high levels of humidity, but it will take time and consistency to make your hair strong enough to fight against moisture.

However, if you want quick and precise results, consider a keratin or protein treatment that strengthens curly hair and reduces the time spent styling your hair. You should go to a professional to get this done, as they know how to apply the right amount of products on your curls to make them last for several days. Using a keratin or protein treatment is a sure way to make your hair glossy and less prone to frizz.