Most people are realizing that they need to care for their scalp to maintain healthy hair. And it seems that scalp care is getting its own turn in the spotlight trying to keep skincare at the back seat for a while.

The face cream, cleansing soap, moisturizers, and glowing oils you bought show how much you care about your skin. Skin is the largest organ, and you need to take care of your skin for a healthy lifestyle.

Is scalp care the new skincare?

One thing you cannot avoid is that all the hair conditions, shampoo, moisturizers, and other hair treatments you are using to keep your hair healthy normally go to the root. And where is your hair’s root? The scalp! Yes, the scalp is the skin that covers your head and holds your hair.

Therefore, the short answer to the question “is scalp the new skincare” is Yes.

 Although most people only take care of their scalp unconsciously whenever they visit their hairstylist to wash their hair. They feel relaxed and comfortable in their bodies; some even nearly fall asleep.

Meanwhile, some people believe that getting shampoo and hair conditioner is all they need to maintain care for their hair. Or buying some dandruff treatments or oils to prevent odor and keep the hair shining. However, most of them neglect their scalp.

The scalp can also age

Yes, like the way skin grows older and starts having lines and wrinkles without caring for them. This can happen to your scalp, and if it does, your hair may be at risk.

‘Scalp that lacks treatment can lose its elasticity, and it may lead to balding and make your hair grow thinner. And another stated fact about scalp aging is that it gets older faster than other skin on the body 12 times faster.’

Causes of scalp aging

The scalp can grow older when you neglect it or when you treat it poorly. However, below are a few factors that may cause your scalp to grow older and affect your hair growth.

  • Poor eating habits.
  • Thinking stress.
  • Using inferior scalp ingredients.
  • Overuse of scalp treatments.
  • Sickness
Three effective ways to prevent your scalp from growing older than your face

For you to keep your scalp healthy for effective growth of your hair. You need to check out the following tips:

1.  Invest in ingredients that are good to maintain a healthy scalp

Instead of devoting all your time and money to getting hair treatment. Invest in your scalp too.

There are essential ingredients that you can get for your scalp. You can either get them as supplements or oils and any other forms of ingredients designed for the scalp.

It is essential to save your scalp from dryness, flaky, itchy, and dandruff because these are things that make it grow older, faster than your face. Some ingredients include coconut oil, honey, sulfur, essential oils, avocado etc.

Feeding your scalp with good ingredients will provide you with fresh skin with a neat appearance.

Read our latest and learn about the best ingredients to care for your scalp.

2.  Avoid having a dry scalp.

For you to keep your scalp healthy and younger, avoid having a dry scalp. And things that make your scalp get dry include:

  • Over-washing; it will be nice to wash your hair once or twice a week.
  • Hair Products: check out the hair products you buy. Some hair products like hair spray do contain ingredients that can dry your scalp. There are different hair products for various types of hair, so you need to identify the best products for your hair to prevent your scalp from damaging.
  • Weather: weather changes can cause dry scalp, especially during winter. So use warm water and try to keep your scalp moist.
  • Dandruff and eczema can cause dry scalp, but the best thing is to get quality scalp ingredients to protect your head from them. And these scalp ingredients are shampoos with some of the following ingredients: sulfur, coal tar, ketoconazole.

3.  Have clean diet

Your body needs good food. The food you eat will contribute to your skin freshness.

Since the scalp is part of your body’s skin, the food you eat will also affect it. As you are spending money and your time taking care of the outer layer, invest in your inner body.

You can check out some food that can enrich your scalp. A diet that will digest well, keep your blood flowing normally, and add strength to your scalp.