How to Trim Natural Hair at Home


Picture this: You’re combing through your naturally curly hair and your comb keeps snagging at the ends! Ouch!

On top of that, you notice that your ends look dry, frizzy, and unruly.

What’s going on? Well, you may be in need of a trim! Unruly ends and increased knotting are usually the telltale signs that your hair is in need of a trim. In addition, many naturalistas notice increased breakage or dryness when it’s time for a trim. 

But what if you can’t get into that salon chair anytime soon? Here are a few tried and true ways to trim your natural hair at home!

Trimming Dry Natural Hair

Trimming your natural hair when your hair is dry is the universally recommended method. Unlike trimming hair when it’s wet (see more on that below), dry hair affords you an incredible precision as the hair strand (and its shape) is not being manipulated by water. 

To get the most even cut, it is recommended that you stretch your curls. Many naturalists choose to trim their hair on blow-dried hair.

Pro tip: You can trim natural hair that’s been straightened, but be mindful that any major trims done when your hair is straight may not be even when your hair is curly!

How to Trim Natural Hair Without Heat

If you opt to avoid applying heat to your tresses before trimming, consider trimming your hair using a two-strand twist!

This alternative method of trimming your hair allows you to see which hairs are the driest, and stick out from the pattern of the twists. 

Pro tip:  Smaller twists will allow you a more precise and even cut. 

After you’ve twisted your hair, identify pieces of hair that are sticking out and cut diagonally against the twist.

Can You Trim Wet Natural Hair?

Many stylists choose to trim natural hair when it’s wet. This is because when natural hair is wet, hair strands absorb water, and the curls are elongated—making for an easter cut. 

We recommend leaving the wet cuts to the professionals, as it takes a trained eye and a skillful hand to master a stylish cut that looks great on wet and curly hair!

How Often Should You Trim Your Natural Hair?

Now that we’ve covered how to trim your natural hair, let’s talk about how often you should trim your hair!

Trimming your hair should be an integral part of your natural hair care routine, so aim to cut off dead or split ends every three months

This way, you’ll ensure that you’re retaining as much healthy length as possible, and warding off split ends before they work themselves up the hair shaft. 

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