Healthy scalp & possible ways our environment and the sun affect our scalp.


One would ask what it means to have a “Healthy scalp?” Well, so many arguments may stem from having clean hair and other cosmetics theories. All you need to know is that our environment plays a vital role in our ability to have a healthy scalp.

First and foremost, the scalp is the skin covering your skull and where your hair grows from. Though so many people pay more attention to hair hygiene and its growth, we never really think about the nature of our scalp till there is a problem. Now when we ask how the environment, which includes sun rays or heat, cold, and general pollution, affects our scalp, we should also think about how much time our scalp is exposed to the sun and other pollutants in the air that may cause significant damages to both hair and scalp.


Because we are always moving around often, we get exposed to air pollutants daily. Some of these that may be bad for your scalp are soot, grimes, specks of dust, and other air components from factories. Your scalp and hair become contaminated when they stick to your hair and settle on your scalp and cause problems like dandruff.


Sun rays are hot. Too much exposure will dry out your scalp, make your hair brittle, thin, and frizzy, or cause the tip of your hair to lose color.  


People living in very cold areas with much of winter like Canada may be subject to scalp problems because of the chill air which can cause their scalp to lose its moisture and dry out. This may cause dandruff to grow. You can try rinsing your hair with warm water to stimulate the presence of oil on your scalp, preferably after coming home from work or other outdoor activities if you live in cold areas.

Here are a few strategies to protect your scalp and enjoy your beautiful hair as you should:

Keep It Covered

If you live near a polluted area or live in a very cold area, it is advisable to keep your hair covered while moving around such a place.

There are many stylish options you can use, like shopping for some fancy scarf to match your wardrobes, or a hat or two, which compliments your daily outfit, this would make you comfortable and still protect your scalp.

This is important if you spend more time outside, under the sun, and exposed to different air components and temperatures around you.

Go Easy On Pomade

I have seen a few individuals who won’t step out without using pomade on their hair. This is good, no doubt, they are supposed to make your hair shine and healthy; however, when you use too much, they can give your hair a tacky feel that may cause grime, dust, and other pollutants to stick on your air and settle on your scalp over time. If you fancy pomades, go easy on your hair.

Wash Less Frequently

Because the sun and other air pollutants in your environment can dry out your hair, daily shampoo use can escalate the process. Once a week is better, and when you do, focus more on your scalp; pulling at your hair while washing may cause hair loss or make it brittle after it dries out, so concentrate on your scalp and go gently while rinsing your hair.

You can try using good shampoos like sulfate-free shampoo, and make sure to use warm water a few times to rinse your hair after coming home.

Nourish Your Scalp

Suppose you want a healthy scalp and full shiny hair. In that case, you need to help your scalp by using good conditioners and hair treatments specially formulated to, help your scalp and hair.

We hope this helps you take good care of your scalp and hair. Good luck!