Ten Effective Ways to Fix Split Ends

When natural hair is repeatedly damaged, the ends of the hair shaft can become brittle, dry, and unable to absorb moisture. When this occurs, the ends of your hair are considered “dead” and can begin “split,” or fray.

You may be asking yourself, “How can I fix my split ends?” 
The truth is, there is no way to treat split ends without cutting them off. 

However, there are ways you can conceal split ends, and better yet, prevent them from occurring in the first place.
Continue reading to learn more about 10 effective ways to do exactly that!

1-Trim Your Hair!

Trims are integral components of a natural hair care routine. Depending on the coarseness and growth pattern of your hair, it is recommended that you trim your hair every four to six months (Natural Club). This way, any breakage or split ends are removed before they have a chance to work their way up the hair shift (Weatherspoon).

2-Mind Your Nutrition

While hair care products play a key role in keeping your strands healthy (more on that next!), what you put into your body is just as important as what you put on it. 

Increased water intake and eating a well-balanced diet of healthy fats, greens, legumes, and lean proteins will give your body the nutrients it needs to nourish active processes in the body, such as hair growth.

3-Shampoo and Condition Regularly

Contrary to popular belief, curly hair does need to be washed (using shampoo + conditioner) on a regular basis. Shampooing and conditioning are often considered the foundational steps in a natural hair care routine because shampooing cleanses your scalp, while adding a rinse-out conditioner will keep your tresses moisturized in between wash days.

4-Deep Condition Regularly

Deep conditioning is a great way to maintain the health of your hair. Unlike rinse-out conditioners, which are considered “surface-conditioners,” deep conditioners are “formulated with lower molecular weight allowing them to penetrate strands with lasting effects of repair/hydration for 4-7 days on average” (MoKnowsHair). 

When deep conditioning your hair, concentrate the product on your ends to nourish and smooth the cuticle. For healthy strands, consider deep conditioning once or twice a month or as needed.

5-Be Patient During the Detangling Process

During the detangling process, water, conditioner, and a wide-tooth com are your best friends! This is because water and the conditioning agent (e.g. rinse-out conditioner, deep conditioner, or masque) provide “slip,” or lubrication, and help the wide-tooth comb glide through your hair.

6-Use Smoothing Serums

Another trick to reduce the appearance of split ends is to use smoothing serums at the end of your styling routine. Smoothing serums will help to lay down the cuticle, reduce frizz, and add shine to your curls.

7-Limit Heat Styling

Possibly the biggest culprit behind the development of split ends is excessive heat styling! This is because heat styling affects the delicate moisture barrier in the hair shaft, leaving tressess more vulnerable to splitting or breaking off. When heat styling, opt for using lower temperatures and always use heat protectants to keep your strands guarded from the heat.

8-Rock Protective Hair Styles

Your hair is constantly at the mercy of external elements such as friction, wind, and cold or hot temperatures. This is why many naturalistas choose to rock protective styles (e.g. braids, twist-outs, ponytails, and buns), which keeps their hair from snagging, developing single-strand knots, and helps them to grow healthy natural curls! 

9-Consult a Hair Care Professional

Beyond implementing the aforementioned tips and tricks for healthy hair, it’s a good idea to identify a hair stylist who will provide insight into the way your hair works, what products are best suited for your hair, and one who will work with you to sort out any underlying causes for breakage that you may not be able to figure out at home.

10-Start Over!

If you just need a break from your hair, or want a blank canvas to start with when growing out your natural curls, consider doing a big chop! Big chops are popular within the natural hair community as they not only allow you to start over from scratch, but they also help you to realize that sometimes, hair is just hair!