It All Starts With a Curl

We grow, change, experiment and as we become different versions of ourselves, our curls evolve with us. Wherever you are in your journey of self-expression, self-validation and defining your identity, we want to be a part of your healthy haircare journey.

Our Vision

We want to transform the industry by becoming the leading destination for healthy textured and afro hair globally. We aim to build a legacy for all the curls by elevating, empowering, and giving visibility to passionate individuals who care about hair health and afrocentric beauty.

Our Mission

Patchwork panel

We strive to live with compassion, kindness and empathy

lot of so-called stretch denim pants out there are just glorified sweatpants – they get baggy and lose their shape. Not cool. Our tightly knitted fabric holds its form after repeated wear. Plus, Aldays dress up or down, no prob. So you can wear them all day. Get it?

Contribute to
sustainable hair health

We offer you advanced, consciously-formulated products developed specifically for you. The people behind our carefully Curated brands have your best interests in mind. They are changing the negative stereotypes about curly hair one curl at a time.

Encourage you to embrace your individuality.

Your curl identity is unique to you. It evolves and grows with you throughout your lifetime. MY CURL ID will accompany you every step of the way, not only with the best product offerings but also with tips from industry experts to help you achieve optimum hair health.

Provide the freedom
of choice.

You can now buy all their haircare needs in one place without having to compromise on quality in a positive, educational and supportive environment that provides an elevated shopping experience like no other.

Give visibility to brands.

We provide brands the space to offer products on a platform that has been built with their consumers needs in mind. On our platform, brands can educate and communicate with a wider audience enabling them to take a boutique approach in communicating their brand’s unique voice

Our Brands

There is no shortage of exceptional brands… however, many are not in the spotlight, making it hard for them to get visibility, shelf space and ultimately ultimately reach the people who need them most!

We want to bring the brands with huge potential to the forefront, be part of their journey, and give them a platform to be discovered to create long term customer value.

We focus on independently owned brands, committed to providing effective formulas that elevate the standard of quality in black haircare. We partner with brands that formulate hair- and scalp-conscious products, using refined, high-potency and proven good-for-hair ingredients. Leading with these standards allows us to offer a curation of the best products available on the market.

Whichever way you wish to wear your hair, a healthy base is necessary and our brands will deliver the best results for your natural or protective styles alike

The results you can count on: perfectly cared-for, healthy hair to achieve the best look that afro-beauty has to offer.

We have evaluated over 100 brands in the span of 12 months: testing over 150 products, evaluating formulas, reading countless descriptions and reviews, and even speaking to more people and customer services representatives than we care to share!.

And it doesn’t stop there – we are always looking for the next best thing, if you want to see your favorite brand MY CURL ID, please click here.

To learn more bout our current brands click here.

‘no one can do everything, but everyone can do something’

~ Max Lucado


Each and every one of us can play a part in increasing the representation of our community in the beauty industry for the benefit of future generations. Together, we fill the void in the beauty industry by investing time, skills and knowledge into people who are authentically passionate about and uniquely devoted to afro-textured hair health.